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Direction: Lavina Jadhwhani, Jason Fliess, Ilesa Duncan

Lighting Design: Josh Wroblewski

Scenic Design: Greg Pinsoneault

Costume Design: Kate Setzer Kamphausen


Our Little Secret By Myka Buck -A high school senior, Tommy lives with her single, working mom. As senior prom excitement builds, Tommy struggles with coming out to her conservative mother.


The Adventures of FeRb By Brian Hayes-It is the first day of school and FeRb is more excited than ever. He is an incoming freshmen and looking to finally make friends and find his true social group – until he meets Bradly, the social king of high school.


A Cup of Souls & One Grim Reaper, Please by Keauna Pierce -The new grim reaper, Dave, doesn’t like doing his job of collecting souls and dreams of traveling the world. However, his bosses have other things in mind. Does Dave get to make his dream come true – or does his view of his job change?


Presented by:
Pegasus Theatre Chicago
January 2016

29th Young Playwrights Festival 

Produced by Pegasus Theatre Chicago


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