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A Summons from the Tinker

to Assemble the Membership in Secret at the Usual Place  by Joseph Kucan


Presented by:
A Public Fit
October 2015

Direction: Joseph Kucan & Ann Marie Pereth

Lighting Design: Josh Wroblewski

Scenic Design: Eric Koger

Costume Design: Mariya Radeva-Nedyalkova

Photography: Shawn Donley


A world premier in a found warehouse space, created to make the audience become part of the show and think about consequences to actions even when it seems so black and white.  Written as an adaptation of Fritz Lang's 1931 film "M", Joseph Kucan brings thought and substance to the actions of a mob in an artistically refined way while leaving the raw emotion and weight of the words spoken and action taken through this gripping drama.


"Joshua Wroblewski's subtle lighting design gives every audience member a hint of the interrogation experience." - Talkin Broadway

"Perfectly captures the...gritty expressionism right down to the flickering light of a black and white film reel" 

- Las Vegas Review-Journal

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