Direction: Juan Ramirez, Warner Crocker, Ilesa Duncan

Lighting Design: Josh Wroblewski

Scenic Design: Marissa Gil

Costume Design: Amy Chmielewski


Obsessed by Alexandra Obert - A barista believes that he has met the woman of his dreams. Things take a nasty turn when he becomes obsessed with her.


Guarding the Princess by Elyssa Saldana - Eadweard the Dragon overzealously guards his beloved princess from all potential suitors, whether a good match or not.


Eye See All by Ricardo Salgado - Jessica, a paranoid conspiracy theorist, drags her brother into a plan to expose a secret society she believes is controlling the world.

Race to the Finish by Sejahari Saulter-Villegas - Two heaven-bound beings, recent victims of police brutality in Chicago, compete in a game show in this play satirizing All Lives Matter.


Presented by:
Pegasus Theatre Chicago
January 2017

29th Young Playwrights Festival 

Produced by Pegasus Theatre Chicago


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