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Rutherford's Travels

adapted by 

Ilesa Duncan and David Barr, III


Jeff Recommended


Presented by:
Pegasus Theatre
November 2016

Direction: Ilesa Duncan

Lighting Design: Josh Wroblewski

Scenic Design: Elyse Balogh

Costume Design: Melissa Perkins

Sound Design: Sarah Putts

A world premiere of the stage adaptation of Charles Johnson's The Middle Passage, this story is told through Rutherford Calhoun’s 1830’s log entries, a newly freed Illinois youth seeks fortune in New Orleans. He soon stows away on an outbound rigger to escape debtors. But The Republic isn’t just any ship. It’s a slave ship and it’s headed to Africa.

Rutherford’s Travels connects to contemporary issues as the protagonist is an educated, but fatherless youth.  Though seeking independence, Calhoun gets trapped in gangster life. His journey aboard a slave ship forces him to confront history and his own inner demons.

"Maintains a fascinating mood throughout...from its warm, isolating its cold lightning flashes for perilous sea conditions"

 - Chicago Critic

"Josh Wroblewski's moody the production - a tale of transformation and survival - the epic quality it deserves." 

- Chicago Sun Times

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