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Bravo, Caruso! by William Luce


Presented by:
Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theatre
July 2019

Direction: Vanessa Ballum

Lighting Design: Josh Wroblewski

Scenic Design: Jack Shouse

Costume Design: Jenn Sheshko Wood

Sound Design: Nathan Schilz

Photography: Waldron Creative

The author of The Belle of Amherst, The Last Flapper, Bronte, and Lucifer's Child takes you backstage at the Metropolitan opera, Christmas 1920, to meet the greatest tenor in history. You become a reporter conducting an interview in Enrico Caruso's dressing room as his valet Mario helps him prepare for a performance which, unknown to both men, will be his last. - Concord Theatricals


with the volcanic explosion he imagines happening...the lighting flashes red and glows darkly. I am highly impressed with the lighting designer

 - Utah Theatre Bloggers

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