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Graham Cracker by Tony Mendoza


Presented by:
Big Shoulders Productions
April 2017

Direction: Tony Mendoza

Lighting Design: Josh Wroblewski

Scenic Design: Pablo Ponce

Photography: Jesse Folks

Faced with the chance to see his estranged father again, a young man relives his fathers past, as well as his own, rediscovering the events along the way that most shaped, connected and divided them, in a quest to figure out whether or not he should see him again. Graham Cracker, a blend of film and theatre, illustrates a mexican-american son’s struggle to understand the meaning of family, identity and forgiveness, in the hope of bridging their painful divide.   -  Tony Mendoza


"...change with every character dancing alongside Josh Wroblewski’s lighting design that shifts and carries the timeline of the play"

 - Picture this post

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