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The Piano Lesson 

by August Wilson


Presented by:
A Public Fit/College of Southern Nevada
April 2023

Direction: Jason Nious/Ann Marie Pereth

Lighting Design: Josh Wroblewski

Scenic Design: Michele Anderson

Costume Design: Karen Cornejo

Sound Design: Alan Holton

Photography: Richard Brusky


It is 1936, and Boy Willie arrives in Pittsburgh from the South in a battered truck loaded with watermelons to sell. He has an opportunity to buy some land down home, but he has to come up with the money right quick. He wants to sell an old piano that has been in his family for generations, but he shares ownership with his sister and it sits in her living room. She has already rejected several offers because the antique piano is covered with incredible carvings detailing the family’s rise from slavery. Boy Willie tries to persuade his stubborn sister that the past is past, but she is more formidable than he anticipated. -Concord Theatricals


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